How to select the right material for jaw crusher plates?

The jaw plate is a most essential component in the jaw crusher machine and its life of service is directly affecting the complete jaw crusher machine. Thus, you should consider the toughness as well as hardness of a jaw plate, when you really need to select the right one. If a toughness of jaw plate is greater, the penetration of material pressed into a jaw plate will be tiny that can stop the surface from distortion and also minimize the hurtful output caused by a descending of the abrasive. Apart from that, the material of jaw plate should have a specific hardness that can prevent the issues of broken or damaged during the process of extrusion and also guarantee the standard use of jaw plates.

Major reasons for the Crusher Liners wear of jaw plates

There are top reasons for the wear of jaw plates that include:

The material slides for an extensive time at the release port

For double clip jaw crusher plate, the grade of its vertical swipe is higher than that of horizontal swipe. The higher the vertical swipe, the extensive the ore slides, so the wear of jaw plate particularly a portion near the release port is more thoughtful.

Furthermore, the wear of moulding is higher than that of extrusion that builds a lesser part of the jaw plate wears quicker than it’s a higher part. In order to maximize its life of service, people should always shot a lesser jaw plate benefit down to make both the sides constrained consistently.

Massive quantity of fines in the material

The wear of jaw plate is fully based on the kinds of your material as well as other variables like material sizes. Even too much of fines go into the cavity of jaw crusher and it will speed up the jaw plates, because the fines will stops the valleys that are essential for a crusher to press them more effectively.

Commonly, the jaw crusher completes a process of crushing by simply squeezing the material between the moving as well as stationary jaw plates. Also, the valleys and peaks of jaw plates are counterbalance from one another and also make use of the automated benefits of influence to disrupt a rock.

Without using this, the crusher has to depend on resistance as well as energy to press the rock. Also, its compaction will enforce enhanced loads on the plates of jaw crusher as much as five times the standard crushing force.

Enormous feeding material size

If the material of feeding is enormous, it will severely affect the life of a service. In several applications, the decreasing ration of jaw crusher is 6:1. Beyond the reduction ratio will also produce the crushing forces, which would halt the limits of crusher design and also affect your complete performance of a machine and its production too. For massive feed material, if you bush a material until the plate of jaw can obtain a morsel over it; this would hasten the wear as well.

Utilizing the dust destruction with water

Utilizing the dust destruction is another factor; because the water is really harsher and will also quicken the wear of plates. The Fote machinery also recommends you to utilize the reasonable spray dust suppression; because it can contest the water to grime and hence, reach out a greater regulator of more dust with the less water.

The jaw plate is seriously worn that could lead to rutted the size of a particle as well as low efficacy, which specifies that you have to exchange the jaw plates. If you really need to select a right one, you must consider their diverse materials based on the real condition and determination as well.

What types of materials are there for jaw plate?

High manganese steel

The high manganese steel consists of moderately high carbon content that plays an ultimate role in the resistance of wear. Commonly, the toughness improves with the development of carbon content. Beneath the non-strong impact conditions, maximizing the carbon content is more advantageous to enhance the wear resistance of steel. That is why; high manganese steel has best distortion hardening ability.

Medium carbon low alloy cast steel

It is a majorly utilized for wear resistant material. Due to its appropriate hardness and greater toughness, it can highly resist the spalling of fatigue caused by repeated extrusion of materials and also displays the best wear resistance as well.

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