How much does a trip to Spiti valley cost?
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How much does a trip to Spiti valley cost?

Well, I’m sure that not many people know about Spiti Valley. Sounds more foreign-ish? Nah, you might be thinking that it is a foreign destination. Ever imagined a chilly mountain range resided near the Himalayas? Yes! Spiti Valley is in India.

Where is Spiti Valley Located?

It is located in India which is in the northeastern area, in Himachal Pradesh. The name “Spiti” has a meaning, in fact. It was proposed to be known as “the land which is in the center”. It refers to the land connecting Tibet as well as India. Since the region surrounding the Spiti Valley is less populated, you can have a good time if you are a travel person. It is considered the best spot for solo traveling and trekking if you are into it. If you are an avid traveler, you definitely try using our Travel Itinerary planning tool. Read more to find out how.

How much does a trip to Spiti valley cost?

Spiti Valley is one of the places which is getting popular, year by year. If you are looking forward to finding how much expense would be taken in order to complete this trip, this is the right article for you then.

Well, a trip to Spiti Valley differs from person to person. You need to plan accordingly whether you prefer solo traveling or just sightseeing nature’s beauty over the place. You can get a variety of options when it comes to accommodation. Since it is a tribal area in Himachal Pradesh, your staying choice can vary from staying in a tent to staying at a medium cost hotel. The cost will definitely vary from a hundred rupees for staying at a ten to within five thousand bucks for staying at a hotel room. If you are planning to stay for about a week or two, maybe the following places can be planned to visit with our daily itinerary planner.

Few Best Places to visit for a trip to Spiti Valley:

Dhankar Monastery

Well, Dhankar Monastery is situated above more than twelve thousand seven hundred feet above the sea level from the land. If you love to visit shrines and explore the Buddhism culture around, you will definitely find some peace and relaxation once you visit the place.


The Capital of the Spiti District, Kaza is encompassed around mountains situated on both sides of the road. You will really love the breath-taking views once you visit this place. You will find peace by exploring this region.

Komic Village 

It is about twenty kilometers away from Kaza. So, once you visit Kaza you can also visit this village too because it is one of the amazing places to visit if you plan on a trip to go to Himachal Pradesh.

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