World of Warcraft: Torghast explored
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World of Warcraft: Torghast explored

Torghast, Tower of the Damned is a new game mode for World of Warcraft that was introduced with Shadowlands. Torghast takes the form of an infinite dungeon with randomly generated floors, enemies and objectives that make every session different. Going through Torghast will allow you to earn Soul Ash, a new item that lets you craft Legendary Powers, a new addition to Shadowlands. Torghast also has a challenge mode that lets you unlock various cosmetics items. Players will be able to visit the tower with a unique experience every time and uncover the secrets of the Tower of the Damned.

While progressing through Torghast, players will have a chance of witnessing special events that occur according to a specific schedule. The tower is accessible at all times, however players can only receive progression rewards once per layer each week. With this, players can collect a maximum of 1,140 Soul Ash every week from the tower. In terms of objectives, players must kill the enemies they encounter in the tower and gather Phantasma that can exchanged for Anima Powers each third and sixth floor.

Torghast is layout is as follow, there is a main room where you can find portals that lead you to various areas of the tower. The six individual wings are where players can find legendary materials, the six wings being Skoldus Halls; Fracture Chambers; The Soulforges; Coldheart Interstitia; Mort’regar and The Upper Reaches. The twisting corridors are and endless mode that let you earn cosmetics. Lastly, the Runecarver’s Oubliette serves as a forge where you can craft legendary items.

The Twisting Corridors is a zone composed of 18 floors that have the same theme as the six wings. The cosmetics that you can get from them are items like toys, pets, mounts or even titles. You can complete several quests in Torghast that allow you to earn various amounts of Soul Ash. offers cheap WOW gold with the best prices.

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