Your Guide to Shopee Coins: Earning, Redeeming, and Saving

Shopee Coins are earned when users do proper product reviews and play games or watch live shows for giveaways. Additionally, they are rewarded by checking in daily on their Coin Rewards page.

Customers can use Shopee coins to get discounts at checkout and even give them away to family and friends. The only requirement is that the coins have at least a month’s validity can be reflected in the transferable balance.

Program for loyalty

If you own a large amount of Shopee Coins, you are able to redeem them for vouchers that will save you the cost of your purchases. Additionally, you can earn them through certain actions through the website like writing reviews or rating merchandise. They can also be used as payment options for the accounts you have with eServices like those of Smart and PLDT.

However, the amount of money you can earn is contingent on the quantity of your completed orders. Returns and partially refunded items do not count towards your reward points. The loyalty level will be reset every six months. Upgrade your loyalty level once you’ve completed ten transactions in Silver, 25 or more for Gold or 55 orders of Platinum.

How do you earn Shopee Coins

Earn Shopee Coins by a variety of methods. As an example, you could earn coins when you apply Coins cashback vouchers for purchases. The amount that Shopee Coins earned is based on the price of your purchase following the voucher’s application. Earn coins by leaving ratings or reviews about purchased products. In addition, you can earn coins by completing reviews with more than 50 words long, and also includes photos or videos.

Another method to earn Shopee Coins to check in with your app regularly on regular basis. This option is available on the Shopee website. This is a fantastic way to earn rewards that you can use to redeem coupons. However, the rewards you earn will expire in one month.

Redeem Shopee Coins for vouchers

The most effective way to increase Shopee Coins is to use vouchers. You can find these in the Coins Rewards tab within the app. Vouchers can be redeemed for cashback or free shipping. Additionally, there’s a huge selection of discounts to select from, including RM15 OFF vouchers and 10% cashback!

You can also use your coins to purchase presents for your loved ones. You can choose between several options including an Shopee Present Card or a physical item. The option to buy a Super Voucher Pack, which is an assortment of coupons that are worth $20!

The maximum amount of Shopee coins that could be used for recouping purchases is 600 coins per week. The limit will reset on Tuesdays. If an order is fully either returned or refunded, or cancelled prior to shipping that day, the coins you used be returned in your accounts.

Shopee Coins membership find shopee vouchers tiers

Shopee’s loyalty-tier system lets customers to benefit from exclusive benefits. This includes discounts as well as promotions. Additionally, the higher your membership tier and the higher your membership tier, the more you will be able to purchase Shopee vouchers.

Buying items on Shopee is simple with the Best Price Guarantee. Moreover, the platform provides free shipping as well as lowered minimal spending requirements. Users can also make additional cashback with credit cards.

To get the most savings possible, make sure to check the condition of every voucher you’ve used on the Coins Rewards page. Remember that the redeemed vouchers are not refundable. Also, you are able to transfer your coins to friends with the chat feature. To send coins, simply open the chat channel with your buddy and then select the Coins icon. An option will pop up, allowing you to select the quantity of coins you want to send.

Maximizing Shopee’s Coins for savings

If you purchase on Shopee it is possible to use your coupons to redeem coupons. They can be used as a way to reduce future purchases. It is also possible to apply towards your payment for orders. The money you spend to redeem vouchers will be deducted from your coin count within some days.

The present coin count on your profile, or on the daily vouchers page. The vouchers available on this page change each day, and can include a variety of items such as electronics to household items. Additionally, you could get a free gift by referring your friends.

To get the most savings possible, make it a habit to look at the daily vouchers section every day. The more daily checks that you complete, the higher the coins you’ll accumulate.

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