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Tue, 2 Jun 2009: Help Our Rivers struggle for our rivers: The Our Rivers Coalition (WWF, RSPB, the Angling Belief and the Association of Rivers Trusts) needs your help in shaping the Water Framework Directive: “At the top of this year, as the Water Framework Directive is further implemented, the destiny of each river on this nation can be sealed in certainly one of 11 River Basin Management Plans (RBMPs). The plan’s content material Must be informed by the people who know their river’s greatest; the native teams and people living and working on them. The draft RBMPs have been criticized not solely for their significant lack of ambition but additionally for their obscurity to all but several with the time and assets to work by way of them. The upshot of that is that a lot of the local knowledge that exists about our rivers shouldn’t be being fed into the official process. Our Rivers is working to show this round.” Check out the website and see what you can do to assist.

Tue, 2 Jun 2009: The end of the road for fish? Mon, 1 Jun 2009: Jellyfish survey begins: Over 30 huge jellyfish berita cryptocurrency hari ini shall be tagged in Camarthen Bay this week as part of a joint Welsh-Irish monitoring undertaking. Telegraph surroundings editor Charles Clover has turned his excellent book about overfishing right into a film out this week. The revised pink listing now consists of even more acquainted countryside birds, including the cuckoo, lapwing, and yellow wagtail, becoming a member of different widespread species such because the turtle dove, gray partridge, home sparrow, and starling. The most recent evaluation of the status of all of the UK’s 246 recurrently occurring birds exhibits 52 are actually of the best conservation concern and have been placed on the evaluation’s “red listing.”

A new report from Greenpeace shows growing western demand for leather and beef is intensifying deforestation and hastening climate change. Solar, 31 Could 2009: Your beef is my rainforest: You thought the rainforest was a dead subject? Wed, 27 May 2009: Come to the Leeds River Aire flood scheme consultation exhibition: Leeds residents are being invited to the primary of three exhibitions on proposals to sort out flooding from the River Aire, at Leeds City Hall from Wednesday 27 May to Saturday 30 Might. The scheme could be one of every of the most important ever built in the country, and the proposals on show will cover the different types of flood defenses being prompt and the place they could be situated.

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