Telugu Film Mail Is One Of The Best Slice-Of-Life Films

Mail is the best example that anyone could give for them to watch if they want to watch a movie which has the in depth details of the villagers and their mindsets. This movie is beautifully written and made which explains that greed for and the curiosity can not stand in one place. Foolishness is the first point that this movie clearly points out, a foolish person can only live with the help of luck and to an innocent person luck always favours, just believe in what you want to become and what exactly you want everything will definitely fall near you. Comedy movies online are found on aha. Mail movie online can be watched on aha.


While watching this movie you will forget everything and just relax on the comedy scenes. Anything new is a huge thing for villagers, in the similar way computers were very huge in the early years. Everyone used to gather near it to see how it works. So the story begins with Ravi who belongs to a farmer family literally craves to have a computer at home and ask father about it continuously, but obviously it is very expensive and father cannot afford it at that point of time. Ravi understands that but he definitely wants to become a computer engineer. He joins a college in the village itself and meets a girl, he kind of has a crush on her. Hybath enters the story with a new computer and opens a gaming shop in the center of the village, villagers get attracted towards it but Ravi has the craving to learn. Hybath accepts to be his teacher with some conditions. The first thing he creates in the computer is a mail id. After creating it, he feels like an achievement and sends that out. It waits so much to get a mail, after a long wait he gets a mail. Watch the movie to know what mail it is exactly.

Technical Aspects:

  • This is the movie which has the soul of a village, the director has created a mood and made all the audiences who are watching the actual essences of the movie. You must watch it to understand how cyber crimes can be and how people can get fooled by it.
  • This movie has the most amazing storyline which deals with greed,love, passion and friendship. All the emotions are carried and you can get along with the movie.
  • This movie has the most amazing background score. Music of the mail movie has given us a better understanding while watching the movie.
  • Fresh faces on screen looked perfect for the movie, its the small movie which has got the great cast.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: HarshithMalgireddy

Actress: GouriPriya

Other Actors: Priyadarshi

Director: UdayGurrala

Producer: Priyanka Dutt, SwapnaDutt

DOP: UdayGurrala, ShyamDupati

Music Director: SweekarAgasthi

Editor: Hari Shankar TN

Background Music: Kamran

Other Information:

Release Date: January 12, 2021

Running Time: 116 mins

Genre: Comedy

Available On: Aha

Comedy movies are found on aha. Mail movie online can be watched on aha.

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